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Catalyst Audio

Model 110
Quad Voltage Controlled Gate 
Catalyst Audio Model 106 Mixer

The model 110 is 4 independent transistor based voltage controlled amplifiers behind one panel. Each VCA (or “gate” in the original terminology) consists of an audio input with an attenuator, a CV input, and 2 outputs. The VCA’s are AC coupled - meaning that they will not pass slow (or static) control voltages. The VCA’s are calibrated to unity (an input of a 10v peak to peak audio wave, will produce a 10v peak to peak audio wave at output) when 5v is applied to the CV input and the attenuator is at approximately the 3’oclock position. 

The Model 110 (Like all 100 Series Modules) is based off of designs originally pioneered by Don Buchla while working with the San Francisco Tape Music Center.


Notes: Unlike the later (and better known) model 292, the original low pass gate - The model 110 is entirely transistor based (rather than vactrol based like the 292), and is much faster. 

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