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Catalyst Audio

Model 106
6 channel discrete transistor mixer
Catalyst Audio Model 106 Mixer

The Model 106 is a 100% discrete transistor based 6 input audio mixer.

Functionally, It allows the user to manually mix 6 signals into 1 output (All), or it may be used as 2 independent 3 into 1 mixers ("1-3" side and "4-6" side).

Aurally, the all transistor signal path adds it's own unique sonic signature, imparting a subtle lo-fi warmth and saturation to the sound.


Additionally, The "All" output is inverted with respect to the "1-3" and "4-6" outputs. This feature can be exploited to creative effect.

The Model 106 (Like all 100 Series Modules) is based off of designs originally pioneered by Don Buchla while working with the San Francisco Tape Music Center.

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