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Catalyst Audio

Generative Pattern Sequencing
Time's Arrow Front Panel


  • Adjustable seq length from 1 - 16 steps

  • Internal quantizer with 16 selectable scales

  • Constant time (303 style) slide

  • Output voltages from 0 - 8v (8 oct range)

  • (Pre-quantizer) Transpose input

  • Reset to last step

  • Forward, Backward, PingPong, Pendulum, Random, and "Drunken Walk" seqencer directions

  • Firmware optimized for extremely low jitter and tight timing.

  • Synchronized randomization (manual or CV triggered) of Notes, Accents, Ties, Gates, and Slides, Alt CV and Octave Offset. 

  • Independent probability settings of Notes, Accents, Ties, Gates, and Slides.

  • Independently remove any event on any step from randomization.

  • Sync/reset output

  • Random stepped CV output (0-5v)

  • Global transpose by semitones or octaves.

  • "Slip" sequences forward or backward.

  • Save current settings to EEPROM

  • Skiff Friendly

  • Awesome buttons.

  • Cat approved.


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Sequence Mode Walthrough
Utility Mode Walkthrough
RND Mode Walkthrough
RND Submode Walkthrough
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